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Mixed League National Champion - second year in a row!!!

December 2019

2019 has been another great season for Rage.  We were paddling well and for the second year in a row the club has won the Mixed League National Championship.  

Thank you to our coaches, Vic and Katha for their persistence training and their patience, and also to other senior Ragers who assisted them whenever required - Arnie, Johnny, Richard.

Last but not least, thank you to all the Ragers for all the efforts, training (land and water)!!  We had seen a lot of great improvements in technique and stamina in all our members, and this is what we thrive for.  Stay active, get healthy and win some trophies together :)

Bring on 2020 for another great year.   

Rage Relocation

September 2017

After many years at the London Regatta Centre, Rage has finally relocated to our original historical home ground at the Docklands Sailing & Watersports Centre.

It's been an eventful season with our move, a team trip to Italy and our tight schedule of league racing over the past few months. On to winter training now and to prepare for next year. Rage as one.

Italian Adventure

June 2017

Raging Dragons last attended the annual Vogalonga event in Venice in 2010.

After months of planning for 2017, the team finally embarked on our Venetian adventure for an epic 32km paddle, sightseeing and of course, great food in Eat-aly...

Season 2017

May 2017

The season kicked off in Stockton and it looks like we're off to a good start. Rage made the 200m major finals and Firestorm managed to defend 1st place in the ladies' league.

Together our family has also recently enjoyed lobster noodles, hearty Italian dinners, welcomed great new team mates and our 2017 committee.

Year of the Raging Rooster

January 2017

One month into 2017 and so far we've welcomed new Ragers, seen great winter weekend attendance and enjoyed a Chinese New Year family feast together.

Congratulations to Janny and Phil on their wedding and to Taylor and Libby on their engagement. What a great start to the year! Feels like it'll be a good one... :)

Funtastic finale

December 2016

It's been another great year for Rage and we celebrated in style with a festive paddle, penguin waddle game and a spectacular Cinderella competition. 

Welcome to Kay and Travers' little baby dragon Noah. And congratulations to Gaydon and Komaki on their engagement :)

Season 2016

August 2016

From car sagas to competition, life at Rage keeps us all on our toes. And from GB representatives to prestigious scholarship awards, we have much to be proud of within our growing family.

We enjoy quality time together off the water as well as on it – this year our socials have revolved around pizza, ping pong, dim sum, darts, cinema and stand up paddling :)

Rage Christmas special

December 2015

On Sunday 20th December, an impressive army of Santas, elves, reindeer, party-goers, Minions, puddings and Vikings turned up for a festive Rage Christmas paddle.

The fun continued at Pepenero with team lunch and the Rage Christmas Limbo Championships...

Caldecotte & Exeter

July 2015

From car sagas to baby-related incidents, it wouldn't be Rage if there wasn't some sort of race day drama to report...but we always emerge with a smile :)

Congratulations to Lucy on her wedding – and to Kitty and Ken for the long-awaited arrival of our newest addition to the Rage family.

Fun and fiascos

June 2015

A Rage newsletter wouldn't be complete without reports of mass dunkings, vehicle breakdowns and a heavily pregnant paddler saving a car full of grown men :)


Also, farewell to Rage's two favourite Singaporean sons – from Stockton to Singapore, no matter where you are, you will always be part of this family. Rage as one.

Wraysbury wrestle

June 2015

It wouldn't be a Rage race day without adventure and excitement. Our first Runnymede races involved bush bashing, tree tussling, heart-pounding fun :)


And how inspiring to hear four London teams chanting in one united voice for the LRC Ladies, who paddled their hearts out for our clubs and each other down the race course. 

Northbound to Notts

May 2015

With some of our regular cavalry back on board, Rage dug deep to climb one spot higher on the national premier league table. Grit, girl power and great mates were all key ingredients to yet another fun race day. 

Rage is a unique family. What other team would ask their GB helm to drum, practise 'ladylike roaring' and accidentally punch a club supporter in the head?

Race season 2015

May 2015

GB helm, pregnant paddlers, newbies and Rage doggies. We're a random and diverse dragon boat club.

Our Liverpool BDA weekend was filled with rain, racing, carbo loading and KFC. Thanks to everyone for their mighty efforts. Let's make every race this year better than the last. Rage as one.

Preparing to race

April 2015

Race season is now just around the corner. After a victorious 2014, months of winter training and our first round of circuits, our hard work will finally be put to the test in Liverpool on the 3rd May.

Meanwhile, the team celebrates Rage April birthdays in style over sunset cocktails at the OXO Tower, followed by Turkish dinner :)

Starting afresh

March 2015

Record winter attendance, team bonding circuit sessions and an influx of energetic recruits have been heartening indicators of a successful winter season. We're kicking off 2015 with a strong happy team, new committee, fresh ideas and of course, Rage-style fun :)

Also, congratulations to our two 2015 Rage GB representatives! 

Raging Dragons: Gearing up for 2015

February 2015

2014 was a season of many highs and lows. From disco warm ups to baby rescues, there was never a dull moment with Rage.

Despite our reputation as a fun-loving friendly bunch, we worked hard and beat some serious competition to reign victorious as champions of the National Standard League. What will 2015 have in store for us?

Rage Christmas special

December 2014

Sunday 21st December marked the last training session of 2014. The coaches were pleased to see a good 20 names down for attendance. Sadly, a few fallen comrades fell victim to alcohol, general over-indulgence, last minute Christmas shopping and failed alarms.


Not to worry...our remaining army of Santas, elves, reindeer and I'm-not-sure-whats made it, and clamoured aboard our boat to face the elements and an upcoming surprise :)

Raging Dragons: Finalists, Cyprus International Dragon Boat Event

October 2014

Fourteen Ragers made our way to Cyprus for some sea, sunshine and to proudly represent our club on the international circuit. It was a great experience for all involved as we ended up placing 3rd in the 200m finals, swapping a few shirts and making new friends in Limassol.


Apart from competing in dragon boat races, we also got to enjoy Cyprian mezze meals, beach volleyball, banana boating and had lots of fun at a water park. Special thanks to Buzz (Ian Rains) for helping organise logistics, playing tour guide and taking us to an awesome little local seaside restaurant. 

Raging Dragons promoted to Premier League

October 2014

After much hard work this season, Raging Dragons have been promoted to the national Premier dragon boat league. Our 2014 end of season video documents our highs and lows as we worked our way back into the Premiership.

Competing on home turf in London

August, 2014

Everyone has been an important part of this year's journey. Thanks to a great combination of valuable experience and keen new blood, we are where we are now. We knew we'd have to fight hard in London to defend the points and position we have worked so hard to earn.

Ragers rescue baby from river at competition venue

June 2014

Ragers Andrew Travers and Victor Martinez made international headlines this year when they rescued a baby from the River Exe in Devon at a British Dragon Boat Association event. The baby's mother desperately tried to save her when the pram rolled into the water.

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